I love making art but I don't actually make any.
Oh, sweet hypocrisy, you are a cheeky devil!
I started this blog to counter my depressing affinity for failure.

Monday, April 4, 2011

makeup work

these aren't very well contrasted (pencil shows up quite light), i don't have a program that will darken them.. i'll have to get me one of those.. anyway i'll do my best to keep up with the once a day posts, we'll see how this week goes.

(seems random, i know.. )

this lady's specs & heels are rosy red now

(well, not from this week, but from this year...)

my philosophy (which, obviously, i don't completely adhere to...)

until (hopefully)-tomorrow


  1. these remind you of nickelodeon?

  2. i could just picture these characters making up some new nickelodeon show during the 90's, my favorite time to watch that channel