I love making art but I don't actually make any.
Oh, sweet hypocrisy, you are a cheeky devil!
I started this blog to counter my depressing affinity for failure.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a bit late but just as well

Yesterday swept me off my feet; it isn't my fault that I simply had no time to start this project on my actual start date. Really...

Ok so here is the plan. A doodle a day. Well, doodle/picture/painting/sketch...whatever it may be. Perhaps a different theme each week, who knows? We'll see where this goes. Maybe nowhere.

Today's First!

This is a doodle from work the other day.. I curled him and stuck him on the wall among everything else.

<3 hasta manana

Thursday, March 17, 2011


so i’ve started this blog to motivate myself to make more art, as well as stick to some weekly goals. i haven’t fine tuned the specifics of my embarkment but i do know i must set a date already or else art will break up with me.
so i hereby promise to officially start this Artastrophe Project, whatever it may entail, on:
25th of March 2011